Playwright's Note

By SP O'Brien

How does one begin to analyze an inexplicable history? A history with no actual proof, just the words of those who’ve claimed to see—experience—these “things”. With wars, or other events of the like, there are hundreds—thousands—of witnesses. Treaties are signed. Declarations are made and put down on paper. Histories are not all inexplicable; most are documented quite well. The phenomena of the Mothman, while now a nationwide folklore, still occurs privately.

One person—maybe two, maybe three—will encounter this inexplicable “thing” and have nothing but their retelling of their experience to show for it. Some may contract scars, rashes, bloodshot eyes; but, the majority have nothing to share but their words. The privacy of these experiences not only adds to the enigma of these sightings but the inconsistency. All the accounts currently documented differ tremendously from one person to the next.

It’s called “The Mothman”. Or “Beelzebub.” Or it’s actually a he, and he’s called “Indrid Cold.” Or he’s a bird, so it’s a mutant bird. Or it appears to be just, a tall human, so they’re men in black. The properties of this “thing” are seemingly endless. Are we dealing with one “thing” that transforms depending on the day, or on its mood? Or are we dealing with a vast array of “things” that have chosen to frighten and assault us earthlings?

Or is this all folderol? If so, why do so many people claim to have come into contact with it? While these stories do differ, they also converge in many ways:

Red Eyes. Wings. Sub-Human Height. Flight. Black Clothes. Black Body. Feathers.

And location. While sightings of the Mothman, or the “thing”, have been reported all over the world, they were birthed in this coal-mining town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in a huge way. 1967 and 1977 brought hundreds, if not thousands, of these sightings to this small town, which borders the state of Ohio. Why here? Why now? It’s all quite inexplicable.

Using documentaries, books on the Mothman, books more generally on “the unexplained”, and my imagination, I’ve aimed to dissect this hodgepodge of a history and try to make sense of it.