England's Splendid Daughters. Illustration of vintage ambulances lined up with a woman standing in front of each.

England's Splendid Daughters

Written and directed by Ann Kreitman

February 10, 11, 12 at 8:00 p.m.
David Thayer Theatre

England’s Splendid Daughters is a physical theatre piece based on the memoirs of ambulance drivers in World War I. When the British were losing the war, in order to send more men to the trenches, they promoted all service level staff to the front lines. To replace the ambulance drivers, the British Armed Forces sought out unmarried women who knew how to drive a car. Unintentionally, they recruited a bunch of lesbians. England’s Splendid Daughters was written to prove to ourselves and the world that queer people have always been heroes.

This production contains graphic discussion of injury and death, homophobia, explicit language, and the use of theatrical blood.

Special Thanks

Beckett Bruni, Molly H. Donahue, Megan Gogerty, Jeremy Geragotelis, Alan MacVey