Seven Neos on the Brink of Mediocracy

1. The SNOTBOM Bunch
2. Freeze
3. Lifetime of Blues
4. Very Important Lists
5. Flight
6. Storytime With Dani: You May Have Ruined Everything
7. The Heckler
8. Charades
9. Don't Pick Me Please
10. Calm
11. Limited Time Offer
13. A Eulogy
14. The Muffled Mask
15. I'm Tired
16. We Aren't Kids Anymore
17. SoMetImEs YoU ShOuld GiVe Up
18. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
19. Shark Bowl
20. Man Vs Man Vs Man Vs Wild
21. Bedtime Stories for People Over Eighteen
22. Thanos Wasn't a Bad Guy
23. The ASHAMED Coffee Drinker
24. Forced to Feel Something
25. Palette Cleanser Play
26. Talking Over Each Other
27. Horror Movies
28. Inside The Mind of a SNOTBOM Actor
29. Rise of the Superheroes
30. Superior Rehearsal Etiquette!!!

All plays are written, directed, and acted by Dani Werner, Aaron Kruger, Alex Adams, Braxten Jones, Alex Granfield, Lauren Macke, and Cullen Asbery with guidance from Deven Alejandro Vera.