Bigfoot Takes a Walk. By Liv Schneider. Grey photo of theatre building.
Cast of Bigfoot Takes a Walk
Nicholas Vogt headshot


Nick Vogt is a theatre arts major, currently in his second year at the University of Iowa after completing his AA at Kirkwood. Bigfoot Takes a Walk is the second production he has participated in, with last semester’s Magic: The Play being his first. Nick would like to thank the cast and crew for all of their support and the incredible amount of fun the rehearsal process has been.

Allison Sass headshot


Allison Sass is a second-year student double majoring in theatre arts and mathematics. Allison has been involved in theatre all her life, and kicked off her career at Iowa last year when she directed for the Ten Minute Play Festival and was cast in Normal, however she unfortunately did not get to perform due to the university going online. She is so excited to be back performing and sincerely hopes you enjoy the show!

Fintan Grafe headshot

Bennie/Bill | FINTAN GRAFE

Fintan Grafe is a third-year transfer making his University of Iowa theatrical debut as Bennie and others in Bigfoot Takes a Walk. He's ever grateful for the directors and stage managers, as well as all the tech staff and stage crew that helped keep good theatre like this alive. He hopes you enjoy the performance.

Amy Rodriguez headshot

Gregorny/Brenda | AMY RODRIGUEZ

Amy Rodriguez is a third-year undergraduate theatre arts major, and is super excited to be a part of Bigfoot Takes a Walk! Previous work at the University of Iowa: Three Sisters (Irina), Orlando (ensemble), Seven Spots on the Sun (ensemble), Iphigenia (female chorus). Enjoy the show!

Emma Kohlenberg headshot

The Loveland Frog/Goatie | EMMA KOHLENBERG

Emma Kohlenberg is so excited to be a part of the Bigfoot Takes A Walk cast as Goatie and The Loveland Frog. Emma is a second-year theatre arts major originally from Bloomington, Illinois. This is her third production at the University of Iowa after acting in We All Were Sunflowers last fall, and Encounters In The Moment in the Ten-Minute Play Festival.

Ellie Turk headshot

Mothman | ELLIE TURK

Ellie Turk is thrilled to be in her third performance at the University of Iowa. Past university performances include You Are Not Alone in the Void and Shakespeare in Flux. Ellie is a theatre arts major from the Twin Cities and has participated in theatre from an early age. Past productions include Fiddler on the Roof and Bye Bye Birdie at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres and many shows at Stages Theatre Company.