Bigfoot Takes a Walk. By Liv Schneider. Grey photo of theatre building.
Creative Team of Bigfoot Takes a Walk
Liv Schneider headshot

Playwright | LIV SCHNEIDER

Liv Schneider is a local cryptid. They wrote this play. :)

Sydney Kuhel headshot


Sydney Kuhel is a fourth-year theatre arts student with an acting and directing focus. She has been in many shows at the university such as The Crucible (Mary Warren), The Wolves (#2), and Marat’s Dead (Char Corday). She also directed the show Home Garden in her third year. She is very excited to be directing again on an incredibly warm show and she hopes you enjoy the viewing!

Emily Arvidson headshot

Scenic Designer | EMILY ARVIDSON

Emily Arvidson is currently a junior, majoring in theatre arts with a focus in scenic design (with a side degree in web design/development at Kirkwood). She's worked as a designer for Home Garden, the Ten-Minute Play Festival in 2019, and now this! Emily also did props for Three Sisters and crew for Perils of the Flowerbed. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!

Tyler Salow headshot

Lighting Designer | TYLER SALOW

Tyler Salow is a sophomore currently working on his theatre arts major at the University of Iowa. This is his first show as a lighting designer, or even on a design team, and he is more than excited to share his vision with the audience. Even outside of the show, Tyler has an infatuation with cryptids, Mothman being his favorite. Enjoy the show, and remember that even if you don't believe in cryptids, they believe in you.

Julia Corbett headshot

Sound Designer | JULIA CORBETT

Julia Corbett is a lighting designer in her third year at UI. Her previous lighting designs at the university include All the Yellows, Pointillism, and Ten-Minute Play Festival 2019. She most recently worked as ALD for Three Sisters. She has never done sound design but is having a great time exploring a new type of art! She would like to thank Sydney and Liv for this opportunity.

Elaina Irving headshot

Stage Manager | ELAINA IRVING

Elaina Irving is a third-year undergraduate with a major in theatre arts and a minor in rhetoric and persuasion. She has had a great time stage managing with these great people for this fantastic show. Elaina spends a lot of time around her grandmother who likes to watch scary documentaries on Bigfoot and other scary cryptids. She is happy to say that this play changed her views on cryptids, which goes to show that we should give everyone, even cryptids and Bigfoot, a chance.

Michael Francis headshot


Michael Francis (BFA) is a graduate acting candidate at the University of Iowa. Regional Credits include:  Edward Bloom/Big Fish, Dan/Next to Normal, Chauvelin/The Scarlet Pimpernel, J. Pierpont Finch/How To Succeed In Business…, Tarzan/Tarzan: The Musical, The Duke/Big River, Virgil/Bus Stop, John Utterson/Jekyll & Hyde, Chebutykin/The Three Sisters, and The Snail with the Mail from A Year with Frog and Toad.