A Word From the Director

“If you think about it, all Zoom theatre is found theatre.” So said Matthew Neal to me one day during a much-needed Zoom chat. Not to quote my playwright, but really what is a job of the director but to repurpose the words of a playwright? :) In any case, I thought this idea was really important—this concept of virtual theatre as something “found,” rather than created. Every costume piece you see in this production is something our actors pulled from their own closets. Most of our props are items the actors found around their homes. Our actors have found sets in their living rooms and stages in their dorms. In a sense, this script found me too. I heard it for the first time in a workshop last spring but didn’t get directly involved in the project until much later, when a simple conversation about Matthew’s lack of a director turned into a spur of the moment offer to help out and, thus, the Skelly Squad was born.

All that is to say, creating theatre virtually is super weird and frustrating and stressful. But it is also beautiful and unique in its own way. It is something found, and I hope that you, wherever you may be as you watch this, are able to find something in this production for yourself as well.


Meg Mechelke