Sounds 'bout Right
A selection of mind-visible audio plays and earworms from the Fall 2022 students of THTR: 3630 – Audio Plays

Listen to these audio plays through the link here.

By Adrian Collis

An international space crew is trying to celebrate their 101st day on the Helios station when things go sideways…

Voice Talent: Noah McLaughlin, Griffin Polley, Lucy Reibe, and Tyler Salow

The Mystery of the Paper Bag Killer: an AI Audio Noir Play
By Emily Hainstock

Rebecca doesn’t realize she is currently trapped inside a VR headset that is playing different types of media whenever she goes through a portal. She doesn’t remember who she is. Or what’s going on. Avery, her only companion in each room, is an AI entity instructed to keep Rebecca from leaving this virtual reality by a virus that has infected the headset.  The actual reality is something quite other…

Content warnings: stainless-steel knife mishaps and a soap opera banter.

Voice Talent: Emily Hainstock

When Did We Stop Being Friends?
By Keegan Konsor

A gamer gets sucked into an alternate reality that just might teach him about how to re-connect in the real world.

Content warnings: gamer lingo and sonic nods to archaic technology.

Voice Talent and Original Music: Keegan Konsor

Hello, Pretty
By Zhenya Loughney

The hails of high school draw Jackson Earl Duvant closer to Hello Kitty. Chaos ensues. 

Content warnings: murder, mayhem, off-color jokes, strong language, don't do this at home.

Voice Talent: Griffin Polley as Jackson Duvant, Zhenya Loughney as Jessica Schmidt, Tyler Salow as Kyle Karlson, Trick Lucero as Cousin Duvant, Noah McLaughlin as Hello Kitty, and Zhenya Loughney as VO/Narrator

The Shadow: Episode 1
By Maise Mehn

Accidentally trapped in a cave with sinister forces bearing down on them, two friends from different sides of the track are forced into a reckoning…

Voice Talent: Keegan Konsor as Announcer/Narrator, Tyler Salow as J.T., and Griffin Polley as Snark

Episode 3 of the Greg Chronicles: A Chat with the Boss
By Noah McLaughlin

A slow grind story about a man who’s wasting his life at work becomes a “Family Guy-like” crossover about infinite realities and the universe of cut-aways.

Content warnings: Salty language and references to wieners.

Voice Talent: Griffin Polley as Boss and Noah McLaughlin as Greg

By Alaina Mysak

After the death of the Phantoms, a new problem has arrived and O'Reya must find the Agent that saved her life in order to save the world from this new threat.

Voice Talent: Alaina Mysak as O'Reya, James Altschul as Megon/Agent 1, Jalen Carter as Hadashort/Agent 2, Kathrine Wright as Shaliah, Michael Fisher as Greyson, and Sydney Schutte as Ridlin

By Griffin Polley

When a man mysteriously disappears, Detective Edmund Walker and his partner Sarah Fisher are tasked with finding his whereabouts. However, when they find deep scratch marks at the crime scene along with a hidden tape recorder, the two find out that some secrets are best kept hidden in a locked briefcase.

Content warnings: Body horror (mild-violence), loud noises, demonic laughter, and close encounters with other-worldly beings.

Voice Talent: All voices, otherworldly sounds, and Foley recorded and edited by Griffin Polley

A Fleeting Moment
By Tyler Salow

Close your eyes and don't open them. You've done it before, you'll do it again.

Content warnings: Hospital sounds, frank discussions of death and abuse.

Voice Talent: Trick Lucero as Mom, Noah McLaughlin as Doctor, Griffin Polley as Charlie, and Zhenya Loughney as Nurse


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