An Unsettled Body. By Jeremy Geragotelis.
Cast of the audio of An Unsettled Body
Fannie Hungerford headshot


Fannie Hungerford is an adjunct professor of yoga in the Department of Theatre Arts, and is in private practice as a yoga and meditation teacher. As an actor, she has performed in Iowa City at Riverside Theatre in BLACKBIRD (2013), and in their monologue festival (2012). In Chicago, she acted with The House Theatre, Timeline Theatre, and The Building Stage, and co-founded a flash-mob dance performance group. A native of South Carolina, she grew up in the theatre scene there. 

Bones Kalina headshot


Bones Kalina is currently in the Musical Theatre/Visual Arts track at Nolte Academy’s ICon, and is doing fifth grade online. For the UI Department of Theatre Arts, he did a voiceover for Seven Spots On The Sun. In the Spring of 2020, he played Honest Abe in Treasure Island with Young Footliters. 

Sarah Gazdowicz headshot


Sarah Gazdowicz is a first-year MFA directing candidate. Previously she has worked as a director, performer, and educator in the greater Boston area. Recent acting credits include Miracle on 34th Street (Greater Boston Stage Company), The Three Musketeers (Front Porch Collective/GBSC), and My Fascination With Creepy Ladies (Anthem Theatre). Her recent directing credits include Effective (University of Iowa), The Last Catastrophist (Fresh Ink Theatre), Peter and the Starcatcher (Hub Theatre), and The Nether (Flat Earth Theatre).

Steven Glavey headshot


Steven Glavey is a playwright and performer from the Bronx, NY, and a current MFA candidate at the Iowa Playwrights Workshop. His work as a playwright includes Perils of the Flowerbed (UI Gallery Series, 2018), The Poisoners (UNESCO Playwrights Festival, 2018), and Doctor Vysarius (Iowa New Play Festival, 2021). Certain local villagers claim that he rises from his coffin at night to prey on the blood of the living, but he would like to make it known that these rumors are both spurious and pernicious.