An Unsettled Body. By Jeremy Geragotelis. Directed by Kenneth Collins. Grey photo of Theatre Building.

Virtual performance on Saturday, February 20 at 8:00 p.m. CST

A multimedia experience recounting and reshaping the history of Quaker woman Lydia Wardel, who, in 1661, walked naked into her church in Massachusetts.

Meant to replicate the fragmentation of history and its echoes from time to time, An Unsettled Body takes place in three parts:
“What They See”
“What They Hear”
“What They Do”
You will begin the experience by watching a film on the University of Iowa Department of Theatre Arts YouTube channel. After you finish the viewing, you will be prompted to visit a website in the YouTube video’s description; this will take you to the next part, an audio file. Upon completing your listening experience, you will then click a hyperlink at the bottom of the webpage to continue onto the final part of the project: a digital gathering of text, sound, images, and performance.