Skeleton Closet by Ennis Matthew Neal, directed by Meg Mechelke. Grey photo of Theatre Building.
Cast of Skeleton Closet

Kyle Braeseke headshot


Kyle Braeseke is a junior at the University of Iowa studying social work with a minor in theatre arts. He has been part of the productions of Hit the Wall, Love and Information, and in the Ten-Minute Play Festival. He is very excited to be part of Skeleton Closet and has had an amazing time working with everybody involved.

Allison Sass headshot


Allison Sass is a second-year theatre arts and cinema double major from Oswego, IL, where she did theatre ever since she was young. She was so happy to begin her theatrical career at Iowa last year and to continue it last semester as Ronnie in Bigfoot Takes a Walk. She thanks all who have allowed her to have so much fun working on the show and hopes you enjoy your viewing experience :)

Courtney Graham headshot


Courtney Graham is a fourth-year theatre arts major on the musical theatre track. She has previously been in two other UI Theatre productions, Fall’s Eve (2019) and Essential Workers: A Portrait (2020). She would like to thank her mother Suzanne, for her continued unwavering support and patience.

Marc Marcos headshot


On top of graduating with a master's in costume design from the University of Hawaii, this Guam native also has a few community acting roles under his belt. Some of them include Juror #5 from Twelve Angry Men and Gregory Gardener in A Chorus Line. Now in his new home of Iowa City, he is hoping for a fresh beginning.

Hannah Shade headshot

Therapist | HANNAH SHADE

Hannah Shade is from Marengo, IA. She is currently a business and theatre arts major. She was fortunate enough to be involved in multiple short films and in every theater production during her high school career. Skeleton Closet, however, is her first college performance. She is extremely excited for this opportunity and for more acting opportunities to come.