Sirens of the Field by Brett Stone, directed by Jivani Rodriguez. Grey photo of Theatre Building.
Meet the Creative Team of Sirens of the Field
Brett Stone headshot

Playwright | BRETT STONE

Brett Stone is a fourth year playwright at the University of Iowa. They are a major in theatre arts and photography. This the second play of theirs being produced by the university after last years production of Fall's Eve. They hope you all enjoy the show!

Jivani Rodriguez headshot


Jivani Rodriguez is a fourth year theatre arts major with an emphasis in acting/playwriting. Acting credits include The Wolves, Bell at the Back of Her Throat, and MERRILY. Playwriting credits include Home Garden, SCOUTS, and come back. As for directing credits... this is her first show as a co-director!  Brett and Jivani will be back again next  month with foreclosure.............???????????"

Amy Rodriguez headshot

Scenic Designer | AMY RODRIGUEZ

This is Amy Rodriguez's final semester at the University of Iowa. It is her first time working on set design and is super excited to be on the Sirens team, and very grateful to Brett and Jivani for letting her try something new. Thanks to the whole department for everything they do!

Aella Rose-Hill headshot

Costume Designer | AELLA ROSE-HILL

Aella Rose-Hill is a fourth-year undergraduate costume designer with a minor in film and African-American history. They’ve most recently been the lead designer on Polaris, Perils of the Flowerbed, We All Were Sunflowers, Palanquin, and 6 by 6: Into the Night. They are currently the lead designer on the Grant Wood Project being produced this spring. They want to thank all of the people who have made productions during COVID possible.

Ian Triplett headshot

Lighting Designer | IAN TRIPLETT

Ian Triplett is a philosophy and German undergraduate student in their third year of study. They did extensive lighting design and board operation during high school and have enjoyed the opportunity to continue doing so at the university. They are excited to tackle the challenge of designing with COVID-19 restrictions in mind and hope that they can give viewers the full experience in spite of said restrictions.

Andrew Bryant headshot

Sound Designer | ANDREW BRYANT

Andrew Bryant is a 4th year student at the University of Iowa studying music education and voice. He is super excited to be working on sound design for his second show here at Iowa!

Kyle Schindler headshot

Stage Manager | KYLE SCHINDLER

Kyle Schindler is in their final semester at the University of Iowa. Previous stage management credits include 6 by 6: Collected Perspectives on Social Justice (ASM, October 2020); Orlando (ASM, November 2019); and Blackberry: A Burial (ASM, May 2019). Thank you to everyone in the Department of Theatre Arts for their support and engagement over the last four years.