foreclosure. By Jivani Rodriguez. Directed by Brett Stone. Grey photo of Theatre Building.
Meet the Creative Team of foreclosure
Jivani Rodriguez headshot


Jivani Rodriguez is a fourth-year theatre arts major with an emphasis in acting and playwriting. This is her second workshop at the university, following last year's production of Home Garden. She's so grateful to this team for bringing the weird, haunted world of foreclosure to life! 

Brett Stone headshot

Director | BRETT STONE

Brett Stone is a fourth year student at the University of Iowa. They are the co-director of foreclosure along with Jivani Rodriguez. They are so grateful to be working with this group actors, designers, and stage management to put on such an amazing piece. They hope you enjoy the show!

Hadeel Alaithan headshot

Scenic Designer | HADEEL ALAITHAN

Hadeel Alaithan is from Saudi Arabia, living in Iowa City since 2015. She is a senior theatre arts major at the University of Iowa. It is her first time as a scenic designer, designing foreclosure. Special thanks to the designer Yejia Shao for contributing her chair to the play. 

Nicole Blodig headshot

Lighting Designer | NICOLE BLODIG

Nicole Blodig is a first-year undergraduate lighting designer, majoring in theatre arts and art. She has been a lighting designer since her freshman year of high school. This is the first play she is designing at the University of Iowa and she is very grateful for this opportunity!

Juila Corbett headshot

Sound Designer | JULIA CORBETT

Julia Corbett is an entertainment designer, with most of their work in lighting and sound design. Their recent design credits include sound design for Bigfoot Takes a Walk and scenic design for Reflected: The Apogee Effigy. Their recent lighting designs at the university include All the Yellows, Pointillism, and the Ten-Minute Play Festivals 2019 and 2021. 

Dorothy Craven headshot

Stage Manager | DOROTHY CRAVEN

Dorothy Craven is a first-year theatre student from Chicago, Illinois. This is her second time stage managing at Iowa following her work earlier this semester on the comedy show, just for fun. She would like to thank everyone working on this show for their amazing work and being so much fun to work with!