just for fun! An evening of stand-up comedy. Grey photo of Theatre Building.
Meet the Team of just for fun!
Olivia Williams headshot


Olivia Williams is a senior this year and will be graduating in May. This is her first time both directing and performing in a show. just for fun! is a standup comedy show that she wanted to do to bring some joy to everyone. She is excited to be practicing comedy again with the rest of the comedians in the show. She also wants to thank everyone who helped her make this show come to life!

Brett Stone headshot

Comedian | BRETT STONE

Brett Stone is a 22-year-old non-binary comedian. They have performed twice at Secret Standup, and had two sets at the Floodwater Comedy Festival.

Travis Coltrain headshot


Travis Coltrain is a senior majoring in theatre arts, English, and creative writing. His forehead is as big as his aspirations. He performed in Floodwater Festival 2020 and his debut play, Outside will be put on by the university in early April this year.

Brad Pickhinke headshot


Brad is a former theatre arts and cinema arts student at the University of Iowa and is from Sac City, Iowa. His past works include: director of We All Were Sunflowers, Mark in Why Is This Night Different, director and playwright for the University of Iowa's Ten-Minute Play Festival, and production assistant for Monuments (Four Sisters).

Arlo Schneider headshot


Arlo Schneider is a third-year student, writer, and influencer. They recently found out they have scoliosis, but is not letting that stop them from continuing to terrorize the general public on twitter.com and other social media platforms. They hope you laugh at their jokes and if you don't, that's okay too. It's no skin off their teeth.

Aaditya Deshpande headshot


Aaditya is a fourth-year at Iowa studying environmental science, with a minor in theatre arts. Having participated in Ten-Minute Play Festival in 2019 and 2020, as well as Floodwater Comedy Festival 2020, and after taking Megan Gogerty's stand-up comedy practicum, Aaditya is very excited to be returning to the stage after his promising comedy career was tragically cut short by the pandemic.

Dorothy Craven headshot

Stage Manager | DOROTHY CRAVEN

Dorothy Craven is a freshman this year and hails from Chicago, Illinois. She is very excited to be working as a stage manager on her first show at the University of Iowa. She hopes that you will all enjoy this show as much as she enjoyed being a part of it!

Tyler Salow headshot

Lighting Designer | TYLER SALOW

Tyler Salow is a sophomore currently working on his theatre arts major at the University of Iowa. While he’s unsure as to what to do with his degree, Tyler can be sure that experiences such as working on this show will help form his own story. He has previous worked as a lighting designer for Bigfoot Takes a Walk and is looking forward to helping share this wonderful production with you.