Deer's Blood by Wren Stone. Illustration of Theatre Building.

Deer's Blood

By Wren Stone
Directed by Jivani Rodriguez
Alan MacVey Theatre

October 2 and 3 at 8:00 p.m.

Hunter returns to his hometown after a video of him murdering a bird in the courtyard resurfaces years after the event happens. Talking to his therapist, Hunter's past forces its way into the present, making Hunter reflect on what he's done. Meanwhile, Winwell is trapped in their day job at Blockbuster still mourning the loss of their brother. Both Hunter and Winwell are haunted by the figure of a Deer who seems to know everything about their greatest regrets and shame. They will both need to learn to deal with their regret or be completely consumed by the town of Elkton.

Deer's Blood is a look into how regret and shame grab a hold of people and completely control their life.

This production contains familial trauma, physical abuse, animal abuse, intrusive thoughts, stage blood, torture, suicide, and death.