Queer Horror Festival by Undergraduate Playwrights. Illustration of Theatre Building.

Queer Horror Festival

Plays written by undergraduate playwrights
Alan MacVey Theatre
October 15 and 16 at 8:00 p.m.

The Queer Horror Festival will showcase five short pieces, written and directed by queer artists in the undergraduate community. The pieces explore various facets of queerness and how queerness intersects with the horror genre on stage.

The following plays will be presented as part of the festival:

The Binding of Citrus by Cheyenne Mann
Directed by Piper Wiley

Moth by Wren Stone
Directed by Arlo Schneider

The Sashaying Dead by Cael Negen
Directed by Tyler Salow

Dear John by Meg Mechelke
Directed by Ennis Matthew Neal

The archivist by Arlo Schneider
Directed by Meg Mechelke and Julia Corbett

Please be advised that these plays contain explicit language, genre-typical depictions of violence and body horror, mild descriptions of gore, discussion of suicide, relationship abuse, domestic violence, transphobia, discussion of sexual assault, and child abuse dysphoria.

Additional Information

The Queer Horror Festival team put together some additional information about the plays, genre, and more on their own website. Click the link below to visit!

Queer Horror festival

Special Thanks

Paul Kalina, Bryon Winn, Melissa Turner, Elton John, Erica Wray, Lisa Schlesinger, and Grace Brokaw

Crew: Emma Keaty, Jackson Kopesky, and Sophie Young