Ten-Minute Play Festival by Undergraduate Playwrights. Grey photo of Theatre Building.

Investigative Crustacean Salinization: Postmodern Underwater Murder Party

By Jacob Smithburg
Directed by Thomas Young
This just under! Reports are in that a local crab has got got by the Brine Pool Caper! Follow the investigation of Scientist 2 and the buffoonery of Scientists 1 and 3. Keep an eye out for Lobster Publicist and other colorful characters such as Scientist 1 and. . . Scientist 3. . . again, baybee! Grab your favorite undersea Trader Joe’s exclusive, a tall glass of saltwater, and get ready to submerge yourself in an aquatic fever dream like no other. So watch your step by the brine pool, blast some Ziggy Stardust during the credits because we couldn’t afford to license it, and (never actually) learn what salinization means!

Meet the Team of Investigative Crustacean Salinization: Postmodern Underwater Murder Party
Jacob Smithburg headshot

Playwright | Jacob Smithburg

Jacob Smithburg is a junior studying towards a BA in cinema and mass communication. He’s worked in theatre/film/animation for the University of Iowa, Grasshorse Animation Studios, and Disney. With this being his first written production chosen to be performed on-campus, he wanted to thank the cast and crew for being on-board with testing out buckwild and experimental production techniques for this 100% virtual piece. He also insisted this quote be included, “It’s been an absolute blast working with all you folks.”

Thomas Young headshot

Director | Thomas Young

Thomas is excited for his first time co-directing an online show, let alone his first time co-directing at the University of Iowa. He’s an English and creative writing major, so who knows how this position actually came to be? (Very thankful to Jacob for asking him to come onboard!) Thomas has a passion for theatre that he’s carried with himself for a long time and is glad that he can show that off at Iowa.

Saige Taggart headshot

Cast | Saige Taggart

This is Saige Taggart's first semester as a senior here at the University of Iowa. He has been in four plays that ended up being very successful and those plays are Beauty and the Beast from Temple City High School in California and The Good Doctor, Almost Maine, then lastly Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You at Scott Community College. Saige is extremely excited about being in the Ten-Minute Play Festival this semester.

Ted Buckley headshot

Cast | Ted Buckley

Ted Buckley is an undergrad at the University of Iowa in his second year as a theatre arts major. Having previously acted in productions of Three Sisters and Princeton Junction, he is excited to take on roles outside of his comfort zone for the Ten-Minute Play Festival and continue to broaden his acting skills.

Asha Keller headshot

Cast | Asha Keller

This is Asha Keller’s first official show at the University of Iowa. While the circumstances aren’t ideal, Asha is excited to step out of her comfort zone and bring art to life. She thanks her cast mates, the directors, playwrights and our stage manager for their hard work and the safe, fun environment that they’ve provided. She also thanks her friends and family for their support.

Lola Knight headshot

Cast | Lola Knight

Lola Knight is a second-year theatre arts and screenwriting double major here at Iowa. This is her second year doing Ten-Minute! Last year she played the role of Depression in a show called The Roommates. She was also involved with the fall mainstage production Essential Workers: A Portrait. She’s very excited to be a part of the Ten-Minute Play Festival again this year and thanks everyone who tunes in to see the show!

Jessie Shaw headshot

Cast | Jessie Shaw

This is Jessie Shaw's second official show at Iowa. While things might not be how they once were, Jessie is grateful for the opportunity to create art when the world needs it. She would like to thank the Jacob and Thomas for this opportunity as well as the cast, crew and creative team for all their hard work and the fun times they’ve shared. She would also like to thank her loved ones for their support.

Kayce Drevline headshot

Cast | Kayce Drevline

Kayce Drevline is so excited to be a part of the 2021 Ten- Minute Play Festival! Kayce is a sophomore journalism and theatre arts major on the musical theatre track here at the University of Iowa. She was a part of last year's Ten-Minute Play Festival in the play The Thirteenth Story which was a very memorable experience. Kayce would like to thank the cast and crew for all of their hard work through this virtual process!

Ashley Cimarolli headshot

Cast | Ashley Cimarolli

Ashley Cimarolli is a freshman at the University of Iowa double majoring in theatre arts and screenwriting. She has recently played Matron “Mama” Morton in Chicago (Webster Groves High School), the Narrator in The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (Insight Theatre Co), and an ensemble member in A Chorus Line (Ignite Theatre). She is thrilled to be in this play and thanks the cast and her family for their constant encouragement!


Alex Granfield headshot

Cast | Alex Granfield

Alex Granfield is a third-year student studying theatre arts and music. This is his second Ten-Minute Play Festival he has participated in, and he was last seen in Seven Neos on the Brink of Mediocracy last fall. Alex is super excited to be able to continue making theatre despite the strange circumstances of our current world, and he hopes you enjoy the show!

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