Doctor Vysarius

By Steven Glavey
Music by Jeremy Geragotelis
Co-Directed by Steven Glavey and Jeremy Geragotelis

Setting/Time: The Dawn of the Enlightenment

An astronomer battles with a mute magician (Doctor Vysarius) for the attention of an impish boy-emperor. Having built a new, far-seeing telescope, he glimpses something in the heavens hurtling towards Earth – but, the machinations of the magician keep anyone from heeding his warnings. As the heavens tumble down, and visions of vivisected angels begin to populate his dreams, the astronomer struggles to wrest the court from the eerie power of Doctor Vysarius.

Virtual premiere Friday, May 16 at 8:00 p.m. CST

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Special Thanks

Meg Powers, Troy Schipdam, Matthew DeCostanza,  SP O’Brien, Dakota Parobek, Morgan Grambo, Dare Clubb, Lisa Schlesinger, Morris Kaplan, Bryon Winn, Amy Wickenkamp, Jen Sandgathe, Dylan Nicole Martin, Kyle Schindler, Elizabeth Sarsfield, Taylor Jackson, Kenneth Collins