Did Shakespeare actually write ALL those plays? You know...all the ones in the giant Riverside Shakespeare book that we used to have to lug to Verse Class in the days before you could just Google “To be or not to be”. For centuries scholars have questioned whether one person could possibly have penned all 39 plays found in the First Folio. Was there more that one “Shakespeare”?  Were the plays written by committee? Was there a Nobleman or Noblewoman who masqueraded as The Bard? 

Or perhaps did Shakespeare STEAL much of his work from a pair of hard working yet extremely unsuccessful playwrights with whom he shared a great rivalry?  

Something certainly is Rotten as far as Nick and Nigel, the Bottom Brothers, are concerned, as they desperately try to write a hit play only to be constantly one-upped by their rival. 

On second thought, maybe theft is too harsh an indictment of ol’ Will.  Maybe the Bard was simply inspired by the work of the Brothers Bottom. Just as he was most certainly inspired by the people and events he encountered in everyday Renaissance England.  

We are thrilled that you have joined us to hear our story, and hope that you too will be inspired by our own unique version of the Renaissance that we have created here in Iowa on the Mabie Stage in 2023. Inspired enough to purchase a vegetable and hurl it right at your favorite actor. If so…Have at it! 

Also, please be advised that no bears, chickens or eggs were harmed during the making of this show.  

Have a ROTTEN time!