Poetry by Luli Gomez Teruel

Abajo todo es oscuro.

No puedo ver lo que está delante mío.

En mi viaje hacia arriba siento el aire que comienza a acariciar mi piel, de a poco veo la luz. Llego al final…todo es calma, silencio, luz, brisa, paz


I know you.
I feel for you.
I worry about you.
I am open to you.

Poetry by Emma Gostonczik

Buds of growth from nothingness
A bit of earth bears life
When humanity has fallen
The tree of life hears our cry


It whispers its song

A tuneful melody lifts us high
It’s calling, I hear it
Time to sing along


I shudder in desperation
I yearn to live and grow
Sweeping away yesterday’s end
This is my gift to you


Come, gather in my arms

For my limbs long for your touch
I am the giver, beholder of life
And you are my saplings


the end
what is it
a final chapter or a prologue

i take in my last breaths deeply

vivid sensations of color and light
indulgence in what before seemed mundane
it was then i knew my last breath
may once again give life

the end
what is it
a final chapter or a prologue

i take in my last breaths deeply

vivid sensations of color and light
indulgence in what before seemed mundane
it was then i knew my last breath
may once again give life

Poetry by Braxten Jones

It stands

I stumbled on this journey 

But before I fell, it’s like it heard me

It called me like a loved one

And in its sight pulled me closer

It stands such a sight

That I began to examine day and night my entire life

The roots not just bounded but plated in togetherness

Thread and thread

Up and out they go 

Spreading above 

Creating a sort of home

And in this home 

Lies the fixtures

That smell so sweet

But are limes that I knew of bitterness

This tumbled me once more so 

I examined again to the highest parts

And I found you among the branches and the bark


Little one, little one

I’ve been waiting for you to find me

Waiting for you to see where you come from 

You are in awe and perplexed at yourself 

And you chose to examine

Ignoring how you felt

It’s okay, it’s okay

Take the time that you need

I will place all the time you need

I will place all the time in the world 

Down to the roots at your feet

Once you are done trying to make this thing called sense

You decide just to look 

You put down your defense



Come up near the limes

Sit and relax and tell me what you find

Yes you found me, tell me more

What it is you want to receive

You don’t t know you don’t know

You lost your way on the road

Hiding in my house you ask

Why these limes smell so sweet

Because you know of their bitterness

The taste between your text 

Well I say, why do they taste bitter to you

You say that’s just how it is, how they are

But nothing really is how they are

You may taste the bitterness

Because you have faith in that mindset

But if you relied in the truth of your senses

The sweetness you’d find in them


Where did the seed come from?

You say it came from the tree?

But where did that tree come from, from another seed

But where

I’ll stop I think you feel it,

feel my need

Because I’m searching for this thing

Oh something

Where did I come from?

You say I came from my parents? 

But where did they come from?

Okay I’m done

It’s a cliche buy you get it

But we all still wonder from where do we find purpose in our existence

Even though we know that we can go on this journey forever searching for the root of us

The root of us

If you think

Comes from a seed

And we are all raised to become different types of trees

So stop trying to cycle yourself back 

Searching for the truth in a line in your past

But witness it in your impact

In the seeds that you plant and not the things that you lack

Poetry by Samantha Mayer

The roots intertwined

protruding down depths I cannot see

The morning sun awakens you

Droplets of rain cascade off

the fragile leaves of spring

adding fuel to the dirt

that gives you life

A new dawn has arrived

New day, new sun

New life


Within me lies rings

Rings of the past generations

You can't see them


they remain the foundations

of my very being

There are more rings to come

Your rings.

What needs to be 





For you to be proud of those rings

that will by my



foundation for generations to come?


You never know what life is like

for the stranger





that sits

in front


to the side

of you

But it's always safe to assume 

they could use an extra smile to brighten their day

Even if I am not a part of this persons tomorrow

I will give them something to smile about 


Because that smile may mean nothing to me

but could be everything to someone else

Poetry by Virginia Murturi

Life keeper.

Dream catcher.

There’s no end to you.

Life giver.


Life starts in you.

Peace maker.

Life saver.

I want to be with you.


Love is what I have to offer.

So many want it.

Too many reject it.

This love is like no other.


My days are not over.

My pain has an end.

Though it may seem like I’m not getting

stronger, My discipline is my friend.

Poetry by Emily Parr

child of dust and veins
a fallen touch of life, escaped from ash
pours through the burial earth
silently through the whispers of churning ground
seeking the ember
to be pulled from a rolling slumber


All are welcome come in come see
A sanctuary to all, the mother tree
Thrumming with energy and life
A beginning, an end
reaching vastly and connected to all
never asking or taking, only giving
it beckons my spirit toward truth and light my body is young, but my soul is ancient above, I can see. I am life, I am light


My dear κούκλα don’t fear
For I stand with you, for you, by you, as you.
I offer love, light, and laughter
If only you will see
Be curious
I am your sanctuary and your salvation.
I will protect, I will give you life
Even as you poison me
Until my dying breath.

Poetry by Kolton Stremler

Countless limbs reaching for the stars, 

Countless limbs gripping, clinging to Mother Earth, 

Leaves: Green, Brown, Red, Bare, it puts on robe after robe, celebrating its one small piece of the universe. 



Tomorrow, the earth will crack. 

Today, I till the soil. 

Tomorrow, the rain will be acid. 

Today, I plant my tree. 

Tomorrow, all may end. 

Today, all will thrive. 

The earth may fail the tree. 

The spirit will not fail in its mission.

Poetry by Steven Vlahakis

A tree in the middle of nowhere but at the same time in the center of everywhere.

A tree which digs as deep into the earth as much as it rises past the clouds.

A tree split between land and sea, a home for all that can see.

A tree older than civilization itself, in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding wilderness.

A tree which roots create the forest around it.

A tree indistinguishable from mother nature herself.


Day in, Day out, they always come for answers.

No matter the year, no matter the century, no matter the millennia, they will always come

searching for the same thing, Purpose.

But regardless of how many times they may ask, the answer will always be the same.



Whatever hardship I may face in the future, and whatever hardship I have already faced, will never stop me from continuing to achieve my goals. And no matter how many times I get knocked back, I will always continue to persevere. Just like how life will always find a way to keep on living. Life will always persevere, and so will I. 

Poetry by Kyle Watkins

              a long time ago,

My poppy said to me

the desert is an old, old place

Far older than me,

the desert is sand and wind and dust

full of rats and snakes and sun

but dust comes from something

From roots he said, roots from long ago

roots from plants and tree

in some place full of life

with animals way bigger than me

Towering high above

He points to mesas and plateaus

he says, those, there, see?

are all that’s left of tree gargantua

Far older than you and me


of the end

A scale beyond all
Beneath, feet approach, undaunted
Human, in their scope

Proud “Proud?” Proud.


Human or a tree?