Ascend. Directed by Margarita Blush. Created in collaboration with the cast, musicians, and creative team.

Live stream this performance on Wednesday, April 21 at 8:00 p.m. CST

Climb, take off, soar…

Rise to a higher point and at the same time, go toward the beginning, go back in time…

An original, collaboratively created visual theatre production, Ascend invites audiences to experience once again the ritual of theatre, coming together in a collective breath that transcends the everyday. Ascend lifts us up, nurtures our souls, and reminds us of the connections between everything in our world. It reminds us that life always finds a way forward; that beauty, hope, contemplation, and kindness are humanity’s greatest strengths and the only way toward a better future.

The department would like to thank Andy Dahl of University of Iowa Facilities Management Landscape Services for their assistance with this production.

The department also extends a special thanks to Associate Director of Bands, Professor Eric Bush, for lending equipment to this production from the Hawkeye Alumni Marching Band and to Drumline instructor, Nick Miller, for providing training to the cast and musicians.

We would also like to thank Professor Dan Moore and the School of Music percussion department for lending a battery of percussion instruments.

And, special thanks to Paul Kalina for his assistance teaching proper safety in movement, and combat techniques utilized in this production.