Poetry by Emily Parr

child of dust and veins
a fallen touch of life, escaped from ash
pours through the burial earth
silently through the whispers of churning ground
seeking the ember
to be pulled from a rolling slumber


All are welcome come in come see
A sanctuary to all, the mother tree
Thrumming with energy and life
A beginning, an end
reaching vastly and connected to all
never asking or taking, only giving
it beckons my spirit toward truth and light my body is young, but my soul is ancient above, I can see. I am life, I am light


My dear κούκλα don’t fear
For I stand with you, for you, by you, as you.
I offer love, light, and laughter
If only you will see
Be curious
I am your sanctuary and your salvation.
I will protect, I will give you life
Even as you poison me
Until my dying breath.