Meet the Creative Team of Year of Revue
Jarek Pastor

Playwright/Director | JAREK PASTOR

Jarek Pastor is a multi-lingual/ethnic/national person who writes for performance. They are rounding out their second year as an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa's Playwrights Workshop.

Rob Ascher headshot

Dramaturg | ROB ASCHER

Rob Ascher is a first-year dramaturgy MFA candidate hailing from New York. His work includes The Christians at Bennington College, A Plant at UI, and Blue Whale Variations in NPF. You can find his writing at Special thanks to JP and the team, as well as his family.

Taylor Leigh Jackson headshot


Iowa New Play Festival is Taylor’s fourth production at University of Iowa, previously working on 6 by 6, Dance Gala, and An Unsettled Body. Taylor is a recent transplant from Omaha, NE, navigating her first year in the MFA Stage Management program. She has worked as an independently contracted stage and company manager for the past 13 years for productions ranging from opera, dance, plays, musicals, and symphonies. Proud member of IATSE Local 42.