Poetry by Steven Vlahakis

A tree in the middle of nowhere but at the same time in the center of everywhere.

A tree which digs as deep into the earth as much as it rises past the clouds.

A tree split between land and sea, a home for all that can see.

A tree older than civilization itself, in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding wilderness.

A tree which roots create the forest around it.

A tree indistinguishable from mother nature herself.


Day in, Day out, they always come for answers.

No matter the year, no matter the century, no matter the millennia, they will always come

searching for the same thing, Purpose.

But regardless of how many times they may ask, the answer will always be the same.



Whatever hardship I may face in the future, and whatever hardship I have already faced, will never stop me from continuing to achieve my goals. And no matter how many times I get knocked back, I will always continue to persevere. Just like how life will always find a way to keep on living. Life will always persevere, and so will I.