Ten-Minute Play Festival by Undergraduate Playwrights. Grey photo of Theatre Building.

come back

By Jivani Rodriguez
Directed by Jessie Shaw
come back is a short grief play about life and death, moving on, and what it means to love and be loved. It's also a silly piece about two rabbits and a little girl.

Meet the Team of come back
Jivani Rodriguez headshot

Playwright | Jivani Rodriguez

Jivani Rodriguez is a fourth-year theatre arts student just trying to survive. She will be co-directing Sirens of the Field this spring, while her past produced work includes two previous entries to the Ten-Minute Play Festival, SCOUTS, and (WO)MAN. She's excited to have her work shown in the festival for the third time!

Jessie Shaw headshot

Director | Jessie Shaw

This is Jessie Shaw's first time directing at the University of Iowa. While things might not be how they once were, Jessie is grateful for the opportunity to create art when the world needs it. She would like to thank the cast, crew, and creative team for the hard work and for the laughs. She would also like to thank her loved ones and her family for their support. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Katie Redden headshot

Cast | Katie Redden

This gorgeous, wonderful, vivacious young woman that you are watching tonight is Katie Redden. She is a sophomore in the Department of Theatre Arts and has been seen in other works such as Palanquin and You are not Alone in the Void. One of her biggest supporters is her phenomenal emotional support hamster, Luna Lovegood Redden. We hope you enjoy the show.

Emma Schroeder headshot

Cast | Emma Schroeder

Emma Schroeder is a first-year student at the University of Iowa, who is majoring in business management and theatre arts. This is Emma’s second play that she will be participating in at Iowa. She is excited to act in come back, a play that provokes existential thoughts and maybe even tears.

Asha Keller headshot

Cast | Asha Keller

This is Asha Keller’s first official show at the University of Iowa. While the circumstances aren’t ideal, Asha is excited to step out of her comfort zone and bring art to life. She thanks her cast mates, the directors, playwrights, and our stage manager for their hard work and the safe, fun environment that they’ve provided. She also thanks her friends and family for their support.

Meet the Creative Team